What are the Risks of Skipping a Pre-Purchase Property Inspection?

Are you thinking of skipping a home inspection before buying a new property in Tasmania to avoid any extra cost?

Well, you might be making a huge mistake of skipping the house inspection.

One of the biggest investments that an individual can make is investing in a house. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to check and be sure of the house where you are going to start a new journey. Skipping out on the pre-purchase property inspection involves innumerable risks that might not be visible initially.

It has been a common trend among buyers to opt out of the inspection process nowadays and to quickly grab on to the available deal for the dream house. Real Estate agents are witnessing this ‘new normal’ trend among the buyers to secure their homes but actually, they are making the biggest mistake. It is a risky decision as a buyer is often unaware of a lot of information about the particular house.

What are the hidden Costs of Skipping Out Property Inspection before Purchasing?

Without a detailed inspection of the new home, it is literally impossible to gain an entire and complete overview of the home. Therefore skipping out on the property inspection might have several hidden costs which you as a buyer are neglecting.
Let’s check out some major issues that you are missing out on while you are leaving out your home inspection process.

Making a Blind Investment
Can you imagine buying a car without a test drive?
Well of course not!
Then why would you invest in a house without inspecting it?

If you discover certain defects in various parts of the house after moving in, then you have to make the entire payment to fix the issues.

Undisclosed Safety Threats and Hazards:
One of the major concerns of skipping a pre-purchase property inspection process is overlooking some of the various safety issues of the house. Without a proper inspection, you might not find out the pressing safety issues like the electrical hazards, and fire hazards before closing on the deal. There are many situations in the house that require immediate attention and repairs. Unavailing a thorough home inspection will lead to these safety threats for the residents of the house.

Expensive Repairs
You might be opting out of the inspection process of the property thinking it to be an extra cost at the moment. But, overlooking this part can actually cost you much more.
While you leave out of the inspection process, you might not notice the required issues that need to be repaired for you to reside in the house. Eventually, after sealing the deal and shifting to the new place you might find out about the issues and it might cost you a hefty amount for you to fix the issues which you need to pay now.

No Home Maintenance Plan
Homes don’t come up with the maintenance manual and guidance like other vehicles and devices. As a buyer and a resident, you need to take care of the house by fixing the issues and taking precautionary measures for future damage.
Opting for a proper pre-purchase property inspection process brings home inspectors with professional experiences who can guide you and provide advice on future maintenance of the home thereby making you educated about the new house that you are investing in, both financially and emotionally. It helps a buyer decide on whether he or she should finally make the deal or not.

As a buyer, it is your first and foremost responsibility to ensure that the property you are investing in is the right one by checking and inspecting the entire house with an experienced and professional home inspector.