What does a Commercial Building Inspection Specialist Look for During Inspection?

Are you thinking of making a recent investment in any commercial building?

Well, in that case, the building inspection is very crucial and a necessary step for you before finalising the deal. Since making an investment is a huge financial investment for any given individual, it should be ensured that the property is devoid of any kind of issues.

While many people hire a building inspection company, you may opt out for a building inspection specialist. However, finding out a qualified and experienced inspection specialist is indeed a challenge. With the right building inspection technique, you get to know about the true condition of the building that you are going to purchase and also the required cost for the repairing process.

But what exactly does a commercial building inspector look for during an inspection to give you a thumbs up about the property?

What Exactly is the Goal of Commercial Building Inspection?

A quality commercial building inspection reveals the in-depth information related to the house’s condition, its structure and related attachments after a thorough examination. As a buyer, you have the complete right to know whether the house is worthy of living or not. Hence, the commercial building inspector helps you in detecting the faults and maintenance issues and also lets you know how much you might need to invest in all the repairing processes. The inspection reported documented is extremely vital and also enables you to make the deal negotiable with the added repairing costs.

A proper and effective inspection tends to reveal the life span of the following chief systems of the building to hand you an inspection report:

Structural Integrity
Heating, Ventilation and Cooling

Things a Commercial Building Specialist Looks For

Purchasing a commercial property is quite expensive and therefore requires considerable research before zeroing onto the final decision. Be it anywhere across the country, the pre-purchase property inspection should be a mandate for the buyer.
If you are someone from Tasmania and adjoining areas, you will know how Tasmanian Building Inspections are done.

Let us check out the major things that the inspectors focus on while inspection.

The Five Major Systems

A Building Inspection Specialist makes sure to inspect and examine the major five systems of a commercial building while on inspection. As you now know, the top 5 chief system includes the roof, electricity, plumbing, mechanical and air conditioning or ventilation. Examining these features, the inspector will make sure that these are in suitable conditions or else will provide you with an estimated cost for the repairs in his report analysis.

Building Exterior

You may think why building exterior is important for inspection because it can be seen from the outside if the walls are intact. However, the building exterior does not just consist of the building walls. A building exterior is much more than just that. It comprises of the parking spaces, roofing and even landscaping. Therefore, they examine these factors and report on the conditions suggesting if any repair works are required or about the entire cost. At times, they take insights from the construction contractors and roofing experts for complete inspection in detail.

Building Interior

While the building exterior is important for inspection so is the building interior. However, the Building Inspection Specialist examines the commercial building interior to make sure that the interior spaces have been meeting the local building codes along with the safety related risks involved with the entire property. Observing and examining the building’s walls, floors bathroom, kitchen, office space and any related areas and rooms and will suggest further renovations if required.

Building Documentation

Checking and evaluating the building documentation is also necessary stuff and the building inspectors tend to follow that. They review a number of building documents while on building inspection including building plans and citations, construction plans and even evacuation plans along with the fire safety.

The entire inspection is fully evaluated and analysed in an inspection report known as the property condition report. The report includes all the observations with the required pieces of evidence and based on which you as a buyer can either take forward the deal or cancel it as you prefer. It also suggests if and where repairs are needed and the related cost associated with it.