Warning Signs For Foundational Faults On Your Property

Buying property is one of the most crucial purchases of your life, and you wouldn’t want to jeopardize the purchase by avoiding home inspection. When it comes to the foundation, cracking in terms of walls or floors occurs due to a host of reasons, some not as severe as others. Pre-purchase property inspection in Tasmania would mean that you won’t have to invest in expensive basement and foundation renovation and incur any debts because of that.

The experts can help you understand the underlying conditions of your prospective home, inclusive of the critical sections underneath your property. Additionally, it would be prudent to have a structural engineer take a look at the foundation of your home. They would be able to comprehend the level of damage that the property has undergone.

Common foundation damage found on properties

Areas beneath the living space like crawl spaces and basements are commonly found in Tasmanian houses. While it’s true that occupants hardly frequent these areas as opposed to the areas above, the fact remains that the base of your floorboards could be corroding without any outward signs. Maintenance, at regular intervals considerably improves the condition of your foundation and your home.


Foundation cracks are of several types such as floor shrinkage, wall shrinkage cracks, wall settlement cracks and floor settlement cracks. Shrinkage cracks occur during the concrete curing process and are not typically dangerous, on the other hand settling cracks would need further inspection and possible remedial works.

Bulges and curves

During pre-purchase property inspection in Tasmania inspectors may notice curves or bulges in the concrete walls or foundation block; it could mean that there has been movement. Harsh climate results in the expansion and contraction of soil, which in turn could add strain to foundation walls.


Foundational cracks also pose a threat for leakage. It is possible that during heavy rain events cracks in the foundations may allow leakage. This damp and insufficiently ventilated area tends to play host to unwanted mould and cause foundational issues.

Many people use drain tiles, which are basically porous piping positioned on the foundational footing, allowing water to accumulate. They don’t always produce the best results. Eventually, after a lot of water has entered the cracks the basement will experience leakage. This damp and insufficiently ventilated area tends to play host to unwanted mould.

Warning signs that indicate a faulty foundation and basement

In the course of pre-purchase property inspection in Tasmania, inspectors frequently identify danger signals in terms of foundation and basement areas. It’s important to understand that discounting issues of this sort can prove dangerous. It is in the nature of foundation issues to deteriorate over time. So, if for the present you think your property is safe without foundational repairs, you would not be able to figure out when that safety might be threatened. The experts will check for:

  • Water damage
  • Cracks in exterior/ interior brickwork
  • Cracks in floor tiles
  • Lopsided or sloping flooring
  • Doors and windows which are not flush within their framework
  • Basement mould and damp walls
  • Spaces between walls and the ceiling/floor

It’s advisable to book a pre-purchase property inspection in Tasmania (inclusive of a foundation inspection) to discover the true state of your property before making purchase decisions. Certified experts will be able to uncover basement and foundation damage and draw-up a comprehensive report with straightforward and affordable repair recommendations.

Save Your Time and Money with a Premium Building Inspection

Outwardly, the home you are about to buy could seem like it is as good as new. Yet, when you get down to brass tacks you may discover that your property is riddled with a bunch of hidden problems, not visible on the surface. This is bound to impact whether or not you make a purchase. Opting to use a premium building inspection company in Tasmania can save you a considerable sum of money as well as potential nuisances.

So whether you are a first-time or seasoned property buyer here is how you can make your life much easier.

Don’t be led astray by outward appearances

You may be shown a home that is aesthetically decked out or one that’s freshly painted, and yet it could be hiding several weaknesses. It could be concealing structural flaws, which are hard to spot with a superficial inspection and could result in permanent damage and cost a hefty amount to redo. Using a building inspector gives you the chance to get an informed assessment and comprehensive report of the actual state of affairs.

Settle at a good price

When using a premium building inspection company in Tasmania you don’t have to worry as they do a thorough inspection of your prospective property, giving you the chance to settle on a more budget-friendly price with the seller. The report drawn up will make an account of parameters like potential cracks, electrical malfunctions, structural inaccuracies, termite infestation and more. Accordingly, you can assess the total amount of money you would need to fix the flaws and negotiate a lowered price from the seller.

Steer clear of safety and health hazards

If you go ahead and buy property without a pre-purchase inspection, you will be in the dark regarding potential safety and health risks. If unluckily your home reveals safety hazards and it causes you or your family members to become sick, it would be an unfortunate outcome, costing you avoidable medical expenses. On the other hand, an inspection report means you can breathe easy, secure in the fact that your family will be safe and healthy.

Isolate problems prior to contract signing

You had better figure out any and all problems your home may face before signing on the dotted line. With the help of a premium building inspection company in Tasmania, you will gain a 360-degree report of the underlying state of your home. You don’t want to be stuck with a contract and then face unforeseen troubles in the future.

Gain a clear picture of your insurance coverage

The property inspection reports allow you to figure out the property issues that will and will not be covered by insurance. This way you can modify your policy accordingly. You can’t take for granted that insurance will cover all types of flaws found on your property, so a professional inspection is done prior to purchasing it is the best way to go. It would not be wise to get stuck with a house that could negatively impact your financial health when you least expect it.

Despite the thrill of looking for a new home, prospective homeowners need to be cautious and make insight-based decisions based on much-needed advice from professionals. Working with a premium building inspection company in Tasmania should be your top priority when attempting to purchase a home without future hassles.

How Property Inspection Can Protect Your Building from Condensation?

Many of you might be considering purchasing a property. You already might know of the legal formalities and other details that you must go through before purchasing the property. But, along with other due diligence activities do not forget to get your property inspected by pre-purchase property inspection companies in Tasmania.

A Tasmania-based pre-purchase property inspection company can point out the issues facing the buildings and suggest solutions to address the issues. Amongst other issues, the pre-purchase property inspection company can point out whether the property suffers from condensation damage and the way to address the same. Before going further, let’s first talk about condensation and why is it important to pay attention to the issue.

Why should you pay heed?

Condensation is one of the burning issues facing homeowners in South Australia. Increased demand for energy-efficient homes has led to the construction of air-tight buildings. Coupled with a lack of proper insulation and ventilation, this leads to a build-up of water vapour on the inside of the building.

Commonly referred to as condensation, the phenomenon can lead to structural failure, mould growth, and other health issues. The issue is more pertinent in colder regions due to the higher temperature differences in internal and external air temperatures.

Insulation can help

However, there is an easy solution to the problem. The solution lies in raising the internal surface temperature. This is possible with the help of insulation. Proper insulation can keep the surface temperature above due point and prevent condensation from occurring. In addition, insulation of proper thickness can also help you realize energy savings through the prevention of heat gains.

However, if the material used for insulation is porous, water vapour can still make its way through it and condense on the pipe’s colder surface regardless of insulation’s thickness. So, if a building uses porous insulation material, it is absolutely essential to use a vapour retarder for preventing condensation.

Why a pre-purchase inspection?

The issue of condensation and water damage is more pertinent in an old building. So, while considering property purchases, you should get it inspected by pre-purchase property inspection service providers in Tasmania. Pre-purchase property inspection companies in Tasmania can inspect the quality of insulation and make sure that it is not porous for the water vapour to creep in and condense on the surface.

The Tasmania-based pre-purchase property inspection companies can also check the duct system. This is because an important function performed by the air conditioning system along with temperature control is dehumidification. Thus, checking the insulation permeability is important to ensure that there is no condensation within the duct system.

Pre-purchase property inspection companies not only analyze condensation and related damages but also check the overall structural integrity. After a thorough inspection, these companies offer a detailed report identifying weaknesses and recommending proper solutions.

To sum up

Investment in property is a big financial decision. It is important to get it right as it is a lifetime decision for most people. So, if you want peace of mind and avoid repenting later, it would be wise to consult with a pre-purchase property inspection company in Tasmania before making the purchase. Connect with experts at HICAM building inspection to know more.

Eliminate Roof Space Condensation With Superior Ventilation

Buildings in Tasmania are prone to condensation that forms either on visible surfaces or the type that forms among the cavities or layers of the building structure, known as interstitial condensation. In places where the weather stays humid or moist for a considerable amount of time, it is highly likely that the materials will deteriorate and mould will begin to grow, causing health hazards to the residents of the building. This can be prevented with the help of a premium building inspection company in Tasmania.

Major Reasons For Roof Cavity Condensation

The primary factors that lead to condensation in roof spaces include-

  • Considerable amount of internal water vapour entering the cavities of your roof via the ceiling or via ventilation fans that are not vented externally. You are most likely to encounter this in sections of the house where there is moisture build-up, for instance, bathrooms and laundry rooms.
  • On top of a high degree of condensation getting trapped in roof spaces, having low-grade materials, poor installation and shoddy construction work serves to exacerbate the condensation issue.

Top Methods To Diminish Condensation In Roof Areas

With the wealth of experience that a premium building inspection company in Tasmania will bring, you will avail the top methods to get rid of roof space condensation easily.

1. Setting up ventilation for roof spaces to enable the extraction of condensates from the area.
2. Installing extraction systems that vent the water vapour externally.
3. Embedding insulation on roof spaces including loose-fill insulation and blanket insulation especially for buildings that have to face cold climates.
4. Safeguarding the roof space’s natural ventilation by making sure that membranes and insulation material are not obstructing the routes of ventilation.

Ventilation Systems For Roof Spaces

Ventilation of roof spaces by passive means is carried out by natural and unhindered routes of ventilation. It is expanded by powered ventilation, such as main-power and solar roof ventilation, in an effort to reinforce buildings in higher risk climates.

Ridge Vent Installations – This style of vents has been popular all through European countries for a long time. It is positioned at the crest of a roof’s ridge, enabling moisture and condensate to escape from the interiors of the house. This installation makes use of soffit vents that pull the air via the roof cavity and expel it through the partially raised ridge.
Roof Turbine Vents – Popularly known as “whirlybirds,” these can be described as a vent that is semi-mechanical and consists of a circular dome that has fins that revolve in the air to generate a vacuum. In this way, it extracts air out of the roof space.

Roof fan systems – Electrically powered roof ventilation includes a broad spectrum of mains-powered and solar-powered ventilation systems to draw out warm and unwanted air from the interiors with greater power.

To figure out the best ventilation options for your home or building you can connect with a premium building inspection company in Tasmania.