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During the inspection of a commercial building in Tasmania, the existing condition of the property is evaluated together with the cost that will need to be invested in terms of repairs and replacement that are needed. Though there are several similarities between the inspection of a commercial building and a home, the former involves a far more extensive inspection and takes into account every feature of the building being inspected.

It’s vital to have a checklist before you approach a building inspection company in Tasmania in order to help you get a complete understanding of what to expect.

There are a range of different types of commercial buildings that may require inspection, such as-

  1. Retail stores
  2. Shopping centres
  3. Manufacturing or storage facilities
  4. Office buildings
  5. Hotels

Though the specific aspects that are to be evaluated during commercial building inspection can vary according to the particular type of building in question, you can find a standard checklist of aspects to be checked regardless of the building type.

Let’s check out the four factors that a commercial building inspection company in Tasmania will focus on.

Five main systems

Buildings used for commercial purposes typically consist of five primary systems including, plumbing, ventilation/air conditioning, electrical, heating and mechanical. Building inspection professionals must assess whether all the systems mentioned are functioning at peak levels. In case a system is not in good working condition, the inspector will calculate the repair or replacement costs and present them to you within their report. Systems such as sprinklers, building alarms, and fire safety devices are also assessed during commercial building inspections.

Interior of the building

Inspection of the interior of the building is carried out first to confirm that the space complies with the local building standards and regulations and secondly to investigate the area for safety-relevant hazards and risks. Everything from the office areas to the interior walls, kitchen area, bathrooms and so on are checked minutely by the inspector. This part of the inspection will reveal whether there is a need for an overhaul, particularly if certain interior areas are not in compliance with the building codes of the locality.

Exterior of the building

When it comes to the building exterior, this takes into account not just the exterior walls but also stairs and railings, roofing, parking space, grounds, landscaping and so on. With the help of a building inspection company in Tasmania you will be able to determine if the building’s structure is in good condition and learn whether you will have to invest money in repair or replacement work.

All associated documents  

Inspectors check several documents related to the commercial building as part of their routine work. The professionals have a look at construction permits, building plans, records of fire safety systems, surveys, environmental findings, citations, appraisals, maintenance records, evacuation plans, occupancy certificates and floor plans. The documentation they review allows them to discover the actual costs involved in purchasing the building, which gives prospective owners the possibility of making informed buying decisions.

The PCR (property condition report) will contain all the inspector’s findings represented in an easy-to-understand way. Will you be working with a building inspection company in Tasmania any time soon?