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Property Inspection is a concept that has been quite established in the present world, especially in developed countries. The concept of Property Inspection in Tasmania is also on the rise as people have been more concerned about the investment in the property they are intending to use for commercial or residential purposes. People who are interested and are looking for a new home often need some inspection routine to get ensured about the property condition. The process is a crucial part before finalizing the property that you have been looking for.

The inspection of the property is the time when the buyer gets to visually examine the property and find out any flaws and defects in the house, interiors or the building foundations. After noting down the required modifications for the property, the buyer can ask the seller to make the necessary fixations or can walk away and look for some other well-maintained property of their choice.

Are You Looking for a New Property Inspector?

Are you someone who is looking to buy a home and therefore, need a home inspector to inspect your newly found land or the house? Well, a lot of times, your real estate agent might recommend one for you or at times, you can find your own. A pre-purchase property inspection provides you with a lot of insights into the property you intend to invest in for either residential or commercial usage. In case you are choosing your inspector for the pre-purchase inspection, make sure to tick off some of the vital Property inspection checklist before confirming the property deal.

Property inspection takes time and the session can range from almost 2-4 hours at a stretch. However, it depends on the property size and the maintenance. While opting for the inspection, if you choose your own property inspector, make sure you are done with detailed research.

Checklists to follow while on a Property Inspection spree

During the inspection procedure, the buyer along with the inspector will all be present to evaluate the condition and decide on the price accordingly. The seller of the property generally doesn’t visit the house for the inspection process. With the increase in the practice of home and property inspection in Tasmania, aspiring buyers need to follow a certain checklist.

Let’s find out the top important checklist to follow when on a property inspection spree for a new place.

  1. Leaks and Water Seepage: 

The most essential and first step in home inspection that every buyer should keep in mind is checking out the plumbing section of the house. Check out for any leakages which might not often be noticed initially. While the top floors of the apartments should look out for any roof leaks, the buyers intending to opt for any apartment should check the water seepage issue that might cause wall damps. For the ones intending to opt for a house, make sure to take a look at the materials used for the house piping system mainly for the drinking water, sewage and drainage purposes.

  1. Cracks:

Another thing that is quite comprehensive and should be included promptly on every buyer’s checklist while on Property Inspection in Tasmania or elsewhere, is the cracks on the ceilings or the walls. Most of the time, the cracks are visible enough. While at other times, they are hardly noticed but if a proper inspection is conducted, the cracks can be easily found. If undetected, the minor cracks may create severe impacts in the future as well. So, check out and make sure to repair the necessary spots.

  1. Room Size and Space:

As a buyer, make sure that you carry tapes to measure the room sizes. Check out the room length, breadth and width during the inspection process to plan accordingly for the furniture and other interior decorations in the near future.

  1. Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) Systems:

Most people tend to overlook the heating and air conditioning checks while on inspection procedures. However, it is necessary to ensure efficiency. Most apartments built today have pre-installed HVAC systems for better functioning. But in case you are opting for an old apartment or place, make sure to check for the heating, ventilation and cooling structure of the place.

  1. Electrical System:

Checking out the electrical system of the house should be another thing that should be at the top of the Property Inspection checklist. Make sure that your inspector inspects the overall electric system of the place starting from the main panel, and electrical earthing to phase switches. Check out that the electric cables are secured and protected and with no electrical splices.

Apart from the above-mentioned 5 things, as a buyer, you should notice and check out every minute thing of the house to plan and prepare for the future stay and usage. For example, the kitchen size might be big but the garbage disposal system is not operational, then make sure to ask for repairs.

With Hicam, a Pre-purchase building inspection at Hobart, your property will be under extensive inspection with efficient and fast services thereby helping you get into your new property as soon as possible. Our in-depth reports on the property conditions inclusive of its different defects enable you to opt for a quality pre-purchase building inspection.